The High Council blends rock, reggae, folk and jam into a sound all their own. The band consists of 6 vocalists/instrumentalists playing: guitar, bass, keys, drums and percussion. Tight vocal harmonies interspersed with soaring psychedelic jams, world rhythms and funky rock grooves, fill dance floors and unite audiences in a shared celebration of music. The High Council members are lead guitarist Zeke Wakefield, rhythm guitarist Ryan Philappart, bass Reign King, keyboardist Zack Olson, drummer Davy Nefos and percussionist Jeff Pang.

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From Tim Malloy on Facebook (08/28/2017):

Every few months, Michelle and I catch a show by The High Council. And typically, it is followed by yet another love letter to the band. I can’t help it; THC just keeps getting better and better. My own band included, I really don’t actually know any group of musicians who are playing together any better than The High Council. Spiffy arrangements played in time, lights, superior sound and humor: It’s the whole cha-cha. It’s so…WHOLE. It’s a show that makes you wish everyone you know could be there with you. Beautiful People! When a good band is accomplishing what they set out to do, it’s powerful! Thank You!

From Kat & Dane (07/18/15):

Now, that things have slowed down we can pause to reflect… and officially give thanks. Seriously, we will never forget how much fun we had at our wedding party. Our friends were delighted – many of them who had never experienced The High Council before 🙂 My Dad, who danced his ass off, said it was the “best wedding in the Universe,” and you guys totally made that happen.

Not only were we surprised y’all even played after finding out about Sam’s passing, but you played your hearts out. Despite the somber circumstances, you shared your gifts with us…. not sure if you call that professionalism or heart or pure creative strength or all of the above (?!), but it was truly incredible. Thank you. 

So grateful to have such talent in our community, and thankful that you shared it with us on our special, special weekend.

Please pass our joy and gratitude on to each and every one of the guys who played that night. And hopefully our paths cross many more times in the future. If ever you need anything, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you, again, so very much…….

From Bruce (11/20/2015):

Hello, this is the “old fart” with the white go-tee, after the show at the [Nectar Lounge]. I just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed the show, and your band is the best I’ve heard in a lot of years. You have the “touch” the “taste” the “feeling” of playing from your heart, and have fun at the same time. 

Like I told some of you when you left the stage. Stay together for 10 years (or longer) and you will become famous. I want to go along and watch that happen and hang on for the ride…..
I’m Bruce by the way (the cat with the “Einstein” black shirt on…lol)


Bruce, Pang, Ben, Zack and Conor, May 14th 2016 at The Rockin’ M BBQ, Golf Range & Lounge- Everett